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I don't mean to sound like I am against anyone trying new things. I also have to say I am NOT super brand loyal, I have a few favorites that fit my demands.
Basely there are just some many hydros out there. With many good commercial motors available to choose from. So the power units in Ztrs are covered when it comes to design.
Now when it comes to decks there are many good decks, some average and some poor designs are few. Its been my experience one deck to work well in ALL conditions is nearly imposable to achieve. You have wet grass, 4 or 5 different types for grass with different characteristic, deck that work better at hight speed, stamped decks that work in some application. But to build the ultimate deck would in dead be a challenge. But just as many variables listed above are the numerous operators that have a preconceived idea of what is best for them. All this makes for a difficult select group of potential customers.

I would think to build the ultimate deck a wind tunnel/chamber would be needed for testing. Also some kind of programed adjustable deck defectors/baffles to cover the different mowing conditions. I know of others have tried adjustable baffles and some have had good luck. Even the smallest change to the underside of a deck will make a huge change in how it cuts, removes grass from out of the way for the next grass blade, clumping, and grass dispersement.

I have been working on a deck that has no blades, little to no moving parts and will cut any grass at a tremendous speed. A universal replacement deck that can be adapted for the major Z manufactured units. But this is for another post another day.

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