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Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes View Post
Not sure about all states, but post dated checks are illegal in most.

As in call up the sheriff illegal.

Not to mention if given that amount of time, they can stop payment on it as well.
A payment can be stopped on anything, that's life. My point is, if you're showing up unannounced at the man's door wanting your money, he may not have it right then and there. So instead of taking his word that he will mail a check come next pay period - you have him cut you a post dated check, this way he is commited.

Post dated checks are legal where I live. If I'm going out of the county for a while I can leave post dated
Checks for my wife to give to the lawn boy. The checks are mine, money is mine, decision is mine. Ever do automatic car payments or credit card payments? They're nothing more than a digital form of a post dated check. It is however illegal, for a bank to cash or deposit a check prior to the check date.
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