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Originally Posted by teamgreendude View Post
I see what your getting at with that, I bought a new Toro 21'' pro-line to replace my other mower that broke. It kept stalling on me and it was almost to the point were they were accusing me of trying to **** up my warrenty just so i wouldn't have to pay for repairs. Everytime i got it back to mow a gated lawn it would just do the same thing stutter and die, I wouldn't be able to start it or anything. So that routine of it not starting and driving over to Arnolds got pretty frustrating, finally it ended up being a bad gas cap and a lot of lost time, frayed nerves and more. Curtis and Carol(the old lady you described) there nice but sometimes i think they favor some people versus others.
I was talking about the people over at smittys haha I've never ever had a problem with anyone at arnolds. Hell they've always gladly worked on my exmark and hustler equipment even though they say they only service brands they sell. I was over at arnolds on saturday and they've only got a few standers left if anyone was looking to purchase a brand new unit... All of the shop equipment will be auctioned off next April for anyone that is interested.
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