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Thanks Phil.
I just placed this in this thread because it was easy as I was not on my computer so sorry as I should have just started a new thread.

I would like to show everybody what this particular forum was intended for which is the very first thread at the top of this forum:

Dear Do-it-Yourselfer,

Thanks for visiting this professional Landscape Lighting Forum. Before you post a message, please understand that this forum is meant primarily for professional lighting installers, designers and specifiers. These professionals are dedicated to bettering themselves in their businesses and bettering the Professional Landscape Lighting Industry as a whole.

There is a world of difference between the products and methods available through your local hardware store and those used by professionals. In addition, lighting design is a fine art akin to fine art painting. Most of the professionals in this forum have undergone extensive training and honed their craft with years of experience.

While we understand and respect your well-intentioned wish to get pointers and guidance from these professionals, don't be surprised if the responses fall short of your expectations. Most of the forum members would much rather you employ their skills and talent to light your home rather than spend their valuable time to explain how you can do it yourself with the limited products and resources at your disposal.

Again, we do respect your desire to do it yourself and simply ask that you respect our desire to further the art of Landscape Lighting as done by the community of Lighting Professionals.

Since professionals, contractors and designers are here sharing we already know how to calculate loads , save our clients energy and conduct our businesses with professionalism.

My comments have been directed to everyone and only to remind all of how important design, artistic and creativity are. Lately we all have been directing are attention to teaching non professionals and discussing about what's not important.
Anyways take care all and hopefully things will turn around for the best and not just LOOK AT ME!!
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