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Originally Posted by emby View Post
Since professionals, contractors and designers are here sharing we already know how to calculate loads , save our clients energy and conduct our businesses with professionalism.
I (as always) respect your opinion, but I think you're making a big assumption here. How many of our pros understand the LED's they're installing? How do you calculate power consumption on an LED system? What is power factor? How do you calculate voltage loss? What are the differences in voltage loss between daisy chains, T-methods, combination methods? What are likely failure scenarios for LEDs? What are the concerns with EMI, how are they addressed? I challenge anyone to find sources with these answers? I think this forum is a great place to discuss these and other lighting technology issues.

As for conducting business with professionalism, many do and others are still learning. The forum is a great place for pros to share how they run their businesses - sharing tips on marketing and sales techniques. (At least as much as they can share publicly.)

Originally Posted by emby View Post
My comments have been directed to everyone and only to remind all of how important design, artistic and creativity are. Lately we all have been directing are attention to teaching non professionals and discussing about what's not important.
Anyways take care all and hopefully things will turn around for the best and not just LOOK AT ME!!
I 100% agree that design is a great topic for discussion. Let's do it more! I think part of the challenge with discussing design in a forum is that it's hard for most pros to talk about design principals and concepts - easier to show photos of their projects as examples of their design skills in action. We do see a lot of posts like that.

Regarding objections to promotional posts - I understand that and admit that I sometimes (out of enthusiasm for my company) put in promotional posts. It's hard not to, but I will be more conscious of that in the future.

Thanks Phil, I do respect your opinions and your desire to make this forum a better place for pros. Let's all work together to make that happen!

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