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Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes View Post
Not sure about all states, but post dated checks are illegal in most.

As in call up the sheriff illegal.

Not to mention if given that amount of time, they can stop payment on it as well.
Here post dated checks are legal so long as the receiving company agrees to accept the post dated check. But if a customer sends a post dated check without permission, then it is considered fraude, same as writing a check knowing that there are insufficient funds or the account is closed.

We deal with slow and non payers all the time. Just about every time, sending a letter notifying the of our intent to file a Lien in so many days is enough to at least get them to call us. Bad checks are great, when I get one I call the customer and send a certified letter, if they do not pay the balance plus bank fee within 7 days I give the check to my local pd. They call notifying the customer that they will be charged with fraude unless restitution is made. They get me paid quicker than any collection agency and the pd doesn't take a commission
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