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How do you scale a lawn/landscaping business?

I'm a sole proprietor and have been for the past 7 years. I started my business in Highschool and operated it through college. I graduated in 2010 (college) and with that I was able to focus solely on growing my business. Now I have quite a few accounts - all a combination of Churches, businesses, and residentials. I know for a fact I could grow more if I had more help. The problem I am running into with this is people either not wanting to help/perform manual labor, or people don't last long. Is their any remedy to this?

Additionally, lets say I was able to hire 1, maybe 2 good workers next year and start a crew. What's a good salary percentage to take out of the business for me? What is it like taking (I'm assuming) a big pay cut the first few years of operation to be able to have a crew? I ask this because now all profit goes into pocket, add workers and the additional expenses and it does not.
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