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Originally Posted by mowerman87 View Post
Duekster- I noticed you're located in DFW and was just hunting for some regional info on Workers Comp. My situation is that I'm trying to bid on some municipal work and, as you know, government contracts require WC insurance. I feel like it may be worth adding this cost to my overhead given the volume of these contracts and the fact that they last for 2 years. 2 years ago, I tried to bid on these very same contracts (mowing parks, right-aways, etc.) and stalled out due to the WC issue. At the time, my research and conversations turned up agents who wanted the whole year's worth of premiums up front... Is this standard for the WC insurance biz? And if you don't mind saying, what kind of set-up do you have? Also, any other general info on the subject would be appreciated. Thanks!

They want 20% upfront.

Problem with most Muni jobs is many want Bid Bonds. I just have not taken the time to be rated for bonding.
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