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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
You sure got that right buddy! Those here that have kids know this all to well.

We're busier than ever before in all my 22 yrs in business. And we pull out fri nights racing in 4 states and return Sunday nights.

As you said "explain". There is a profound difference between explaining verses proving.

I, over the years, on my own free will have offered more advice, experience and knowledge than anyone participating in this thread, via online posts and threads, private messaging, e-mail, as well as via telephone. I'm quick to recognize a conversation turning tick for tac, and my posting history here shows that I have plenty to share but I draw the line when it comes to proving myself to others.

I was having a conversation with a customer about a month ago. She said "women become more reasonable with age, and men learn when an where to draw the line as they age". I never thought about that before but I believe she was 100% correct.

Winter is on the horizon, perhaps I'll
Have time one day to not only clean out my truck but hopefully chime in and help if I see this topic.
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Probably would have taken you less time to just explain and prove your way than to type all that...

And it doesn't matter how much so called "advice, experience and knowledge" you put on here if its not correct. Especially if you cant admit when your blatantly wrong.

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