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Originally Posted by WestGaPineStraw View Post
My Ag inspector tells me that they run every product way under the label rate. Why? I think it is a business tactic to be at the property more often for upsells. Does it work? I don't think so. All of my customers that have switched from them have two stories, either a billing issue or every excuse why they cannot kill the weeds. IMO they are not going to be around much longer.
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While I agree that their service is not for everyone especially those who want a quality result, they are the largest and will continue to be for a long time. They have the market share and the marketing ability to replace those who not enjoy their services five times over. Not to mention they have the price point that attracts the masses.
It is not for everyone...but almost everyone will give it a try at some point.

In edit. They have what I call Tip Burned several lawns here with a hot mix. When talking to one of the techs I knew that was from a smaller firm aquired by TG, he said it had something to do with the mix coming in too hot as well as they were living the left over the weekend. Not sure how accurate that is but they burned many many lawns this year here. They burned a guys lawn about 2 weeks ago in my subdivision applying herbicides. You could follow the techs path as he backpacked the lawn. The HO said that they had already replaced a couple pallets of sod in his lawn in the two years that he had them.
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