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pool sank in 2 hours

I recently installed a patio around a pool. The pool company put the pool a foot away from a customer built wall against my recommendations that it would fail. When I finished I noticed that the pool wall on the customer built wall was stretched out almost a foot. I call the customer and told him he need to call the pool company asap and this was a big deal. The pool guys never showed. The pool liner stretched so far that it developed a hole and was leaking water behind the customer built wall with dirt backfill. We got a 4 inch rain 2 days later and the customer called me up saying that the patio was sinking everywhere. When I got there the eveidence showed the pool moved and was sliding down hill. The Pool company said that it was because of my compaction but admitted to the pool moving. I have been fighting with them to cover it and they think I should cover it. The customer is on my side and refuses to see me brought into this with being on me and I feel bad for the customer because he was told bad information by a sales guy thats never built anything. The sales guy even asked me if I would put concrete in the backside of the customer built wall to reinforce his pool. He was upset with me when I said no because I felt the wall was unstable and I was not going to be any part of it. The customer had a structual engineer come out and write a report saying the pool moved causing my Patio to fail but they still wont own up to it. I have a meeting with the pool company tomorrow but he wouldnt tell me over the phone if they were going to cover it. He even went as far as telling the customer they didnt believe the engineers report. The customer said they didn't believe me either when I said the wall would fail and the guy shut up. I have 3 foot of base compacted every two inches. Has anyone else had this problem and is there any advice for me. ThanksName:  photo (29).jpg
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