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Bad mole problem

I have a customer that has a very bad mole problem that has slowly been destroying their lawn over the last month and a half. They said that grubs have been issue for them in the past so I put down a fertilizer containing allectus in July. Moles started showing up end of Aug so I did a heavy application of the fert and allectus again beginning of Sept. Over the last 3 weeks the moles have gotten progressively worse. I even took a tamper and tamped down all of the burrows when I did the last application. We had a pretty moderate to heavy rainfall for two days after I did the last application. The entire property is on a fairly steep slope so my only guess is that allectus washed down the hill instead of into the soil. Do you guys think the slope could be keeping the insecticide from washing into the soil or do you think I should switch up the allectus. Their neighbors also have moles so any help here would be appreciated.
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