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Steve you have always contributed to this forum. It takes alot of time to sift through this forum when most posts are pretty much useless. I respect the fact that you care about lighting so much (Castlighting & And not the industry). But when posts get deleted on a daily basis it just makes me not want to even look here. Yes its been going on for years but the past few months the lighting forum has becomes so sponserfied its now become useless. (btw if this post gets deleted I will also leave lawnsite for good) Its nothing directly against you or Cast or any specific manufacturer its just been a major shift in the industry and a lot of guys are pretty mad about it. And its pretty clear Cast's name has been thrown in that conversation numerous times. You can say selling at 20percent off your website does not effect us. You can say sales have been minimal. You can say the only people who have complained have been 15 people on lawnsite. But what it comes down to imho is you guys have just let us all down. You didn't need to do that. You wanted to drum up sales and you decided to. By doing that a lot of us feel you are just ruining this industry. (I also don't agree with the whole times change us lighting guys have to change too)

Since I joined a few years ago I have seen some of the best in the industry leave this forum. I use to find it great logging on and seeing posts from major players in this lighting game. Well they are gone. And over that time paid sponsors contributing on this forum has gone up. What does that tell you. Why cant you guys just pay to sponsor. Your banner will be up top and all is well. There is a cast lighting forum on here as well. Steve I would find it great if you posted under here not as a sponsor and just as yourself.

This forum has just become a breeding ground for diy time wasters. As much as I have loved reading over the years and contributing on here I find little reason to do anything but look at posts prior to 2011.

Btw steve what does emi have anything to do with voltage drop on a loop method vs daisy chain. We are all aware CASTS AWARD WINNING LED PRODUCTS DONT PRODUCE EMI IN THE RANGE OF GARAGE DOOR OPENERS (sales pitch for yah bud)
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