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Originally Posted by ioilyouin View Post
I agree with Shovel and Dog. It really burns my azz how townships, fire protection districts and farmers are given the free pass to look the other way from compliance.
As a fireman, I couldn't agree more.

Downright scary riding with some of these guys. They've never operated anything larger than a passenger car and all of a sudden they're running lights and siren in a 40K truck.

I think it's beyond ridiculous, especially when you look at what the drivers' training consists of for the state of Michigan. Parallel parking an engine, going through narrowing lane, backing into a loading dock at a 90* without a spotter, driving forward through a serpentine course then backwards. I think there is one more, but nothing that relates to driving on the road.

I agree with the others too. But the fire one has always amazed me.
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