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There is a difference between a
Sub-contractor and a contractor. I am a contractor, who also does general contracting of small jobs.

I have a friend that owns a concrete business. He
Works for a couple home builders and he does alotta concrete work for one pool builder. My friend does not know the first thing about marketing. He does not know anything about writing a contract. he has no experience with working with the public. He has never had to sit down and design a job. All He does is report to lot number 29 and pours concrete. he doesn't even have a website, he doesn't need one.

So a bonefide sub contractor can work for much less money than a true Contractor.

This job at hand the pool company knows nothing about the logistics. I have to coordinate the materials, I have to coordinate with the home owner havin vehicles moved, and very possibly have to work with the adjacent property owner to allow us to drive our loader over a portion of their lawn. See, a true sub-contractor usually does not have to obtain materials, the GC supplies the materials.

Also, this guy is not aware of the required permit and what's involved with the county!

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