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There is no debate on that the walker was designed to give a superb manicured cut. They are not designed for rough mowing, except for the super B.
This is not to say they won't do rough cut mowing.

As for the maint after 1000 hrs. It all depends on how they've been maintained BEFORE 1000 hrs.

I bought a used one in Jan of 11. 2879 hours. Sure I've put some money into it but its nothing more than I'd expect to do had I bought it new and now its a machine with over 3200 hours.

When I bought it I had my uncle's shop go thru it and check for issues.
Changed all fluids and belts, took the engine out to clean out the dirt behind the shrouds and service the starter.

This summer I changed both hydros (over 3000 hrs on the machine). At some point in time the heads got too hot and were letting the head gaskets leak a little. Had that taken care of along with a new key switch.

Once the end of season hits I plan to have my uncle change the blower and housing as its getting pretty worn.
Again over 3000 hours while his own crew's mowers have let go of two blowers/housings this summer with less hours than mine.

Over all for a machine north of 3000 hours I can't complain.

My JD 777 mid mount with FAR FAR less hours (636 hours) has needed a new water pump, new clutch and smokes very badly. Like I said, it all depends on how they've been taken care of.
I bought the mower used and didn't realize how much oil it was burning until it started working.
The plan is to have my uncle look into that as well. I'm hoping its a ring thing not need a new engine. $$$$$$
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