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As usual another thread bites the dust.

My orignal post was about how one public entity made a customer aware of a potential leak somewhere on their property.

Good for them, they used data that they had already collected and put it to use in a positive manner in an effort to rein in waste.

If you really think that it is not a purveyors duty to raise a question when they see a potential issue then what do you think when one of your employees ignores the oil or tires of the company rigs? Same thing only different, right.

I am fortunate to live in the country, don't really care about the cost of water because it is damned near free here and we have lots of it.

What i do care about are my kids and grandkids, your kids too. Water may be plentiful here and now but what about in the not too distant future.

Every little bit helps.
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