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Originally Posted by Taylor0262 View Post
Hello everyone! I am new to posting here at this site but i have browsed and read lots of helpful information here in the past. I am licensed and own a Weed control, Fertilization company. We have recently been getting into some unfamiliar territory and could really use some help. I have a contractor that wants us to kill some aphids for his customer on their crepe myrtle tree. I shop at Lesco and they recommended i use Cross Check and orthene, Which i did only to find out while yes it did kill 95% of the existing infestation they came back in a bad fashion within 3 weeks. Please help! What would you guys recommend? I just really want to do my Sub right and do a great job for his customer. Thanks in advance!
As you can see from this link from Texas A&M, repeat applications are necessary.
The good news is that you are at the end of their cycle.
A licensed applicator should know this or know how to find the information before taking action.
Google is a wonderful tool.
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