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Originally Posted by Roger View Post

Has anybody seen evidence of grubs in recent weeks, that is large chunks of sod torn out by skunks, racoons, or whoever else is trying to get at the grubs?

In past years, the time for this to start has been around September 5-10. But, this season, I have seen no turf being torn out, nor have I seen any evidence of turf damage done by grubs. Anybody else?

What happened to the "buggy" Summer that was predicted by all? With the very warm late Winter and early Spring, many "experts" were saying that the Summer would be a very bad season for bugs. Many bugs that normally would not have survived the Winter and Spring would be around in high populations for the Summer. In my experience and observation, not so. The Japanese Beetle would have been a good example of those who survived and would have been out in high numbers. Anybody else?

Roger that Roger, the skunks have been busy the past few weeks, they must be getting ready for a big winter.
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