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Originally Posted by A.T.T. View Post
Did two landscape jobs today, which went well. We were redo-ing some sod from the summer and a guy pulls up to us and asks: "Do you do this for a living?"
To which I replied: "No I just do this fun, monday to saturday!" He laughed and asked for a card and wants some work done. So without a doubt that is one of the top methods for getting work in my area. Competition is fierce here and there are so many big companys advertising everywhere, our work comes from word of month and stuff like this.
im the same way, I dont advertise at all.... seems all rich people know other rich people so thats how iv gotten my customer base.haha, i offer 1 free cut for every recomendation and one customer got me 8-$80lawns, so we ended up cutting his lawn for 3 months for free. how have people been about paying this year for you?
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