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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
I use JB Quik Weld...haven't had a repeat magnet failure in over 10 years...

You have to put small pieces of cardboard between the magnets while they dry to prevent them from attracting themselves to each other..
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I tried JB Quick weld (LOVE THE STUFF) but the magnets started to slide all over especially down towards the top of the flywheel. I suppose I could have propped them up somehow. IDEA: I could have used some masking tape to hold them in place, along with some cardboard spacers as you suggest.
I think that is in order when then season is over which is probably 1 more week here in IA. I know that a little finger nail polish remover detached them licky split when I used super glue. BUT they wouldn't budge until I put it on them.
Restrorob: I totally agree about not taking un-necessary chances, however (in my opinion) this is not like re-using rod bearings or seals just because they appear good. And I'm not putting a warranty on anything like a professional shop would or more likely the customer would want or expect. Yea I get the $185 now or $3000 later but I tend to think if a factory worker, on a friday or on a hung-over monday can glue these suckers on then I certainly can also. Thank for your input though, reading through this form you have certainly earned my respect and I also have to give props to Piston Slapper. You two guys seems to have a hugh knowledge base that I can see has helped a ton of people on this form alone. So THANK YOU
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