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There are a few reasons I am looking at going from sitting to standing.
1. Trailer space. A lot of my accounts have small parking lots so having room for my truck and trailer is a concern. My truck with 16' trailer is about the max room I can afford. This will allow me to get three mowers in my trailer vs two riders.

2. I feel stand on mowers are time savers on a lot of my accounts. Them being more compact I can get in and out of tight areas better.

3. Weight. Stand on mowers weigh 500-600 lbs less than a rider. So less turf damage.

4. Cost. Standers cost about $2-3,000 less than a rider. Since I am selling my Kubota I am hoping to get enough to buy two new standers vs one rider and then having to finance the other. I try to run debt free.
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