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Crater...The emmision police gave Kohler a huge headache a few years ago when the told them that the adhesive they used was not compliant ...
They had to use a lesser glue on their magnets...
Use JB Quik Weld...sets up in about 5 minutes in 80 degree temps..
Use 1 inch strips of thick cardboard and bend them in a vee..
Insert them between the magnets while your spacing..
I usually mark the previous locations on the flat area on the flywheel..
Make sure the magnets and flywheel are CLEAN...
You can keep slightly repositioning the magnets until the JB Quik starts to set up...
CAUTION...if the flywheel magnets migrate to each other..the flywheel will be out of balance...and COULD take out the machined bushing in the top
of the block...which is not replaceable...
Just keep an eye on it till it'll be ok...
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