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Originally Posted by muddywater View Post
It would prob be safe to run 4 rotors per zone at 50 psi and 6 rotors at 90 psi. Using 2, 2.5, and 3 gpm nozzles depending on rotor radius. And if it hit the fan, you have room to nozzle down.
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this is exactly what i was thinking, but i wanted to ask because i'm usually wrong...on this particular system we have 7 heads on two of the zones and i can guarantee you we could put another 7 can't even push the head down with your foot...we didn't design the system, but we did renovate it...the issue is it's on a huge hill and years ago when the house was first built the builder didn't backfill or pack the hillside properly and there was a landslide...i didn't find this out til later, because the design of the system made absolutely no sense, but when they told me this it all clicked...there was 40' of swing pipe at the bottom coming up at a 45 degree angle to compensate for the pipe/heads that slid down the lateral was only half way across the hill, so we had to install like 100' or something like that just to complete the system...

anyways, i was thinking while i was there how i would have designed the system knowing it was a 5/8 meter and knowing there is 90 just makes more sense to me that if you are able to put more heads on a zone that will cover adequately then why not...i just figured i would ask just in case there was something i didn't know about that i would be doing wrong
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