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Originally Posted by SoCalLandscapeMgmt View Post
We do run the systems afterwards. Typically when we aerate we're also putting down soil buster and whatever other fertilizer we're applying. I guess we've just been lucky. 99% of the sites that we aerate are commercial sites anyhow so the laterals are generally installed at 9" to 12". The only two residential sites that we aerate were installed by us so I know that the laterals are all at 12".
The thing here in the valley and southern CA.....Heck what perma frost level do we have. So we really don't have to deal with frost heave like places where they get the crazy snow.

No Frost heave to worry about except in the mountains so to speak.

I have to deal with more root problems that aerating lawns. I would also venture that we tend to use the smaller machines and back east they are able to use the larger machines, therefore sometimes penetrating deeper than the tines
Food for thought
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