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Originally Posted by ryan5943 View Post
I just started out in lawn care. I took a job as a sub doing REO lawns and found out I really like the work. I don't want to do REO anymore and want to switch to residential.

I've been using my residential John Deere lawn tractor and picked up a Stihl Kombisystem KM130. I bought myself a Ferris Evolution 48/27 yesterday from a dealer as a demo unit for $5000. It's got 55 hours on it but still a full 2 year warranty. I'm noticing with the upgraded equipment that they're a lot louder. My problem is I have a wide head and want to be able to listen to music through my phone.

Any suggestions would really be appreciated.

Thanks, this site has been invaluable for gathering information about this business.
It's not that they're louder, it's that the engine doesn't have any kind of shroud/hood over it, and is located directly behind your head. Just an FYI
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