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Originally Posted by Marek View Post
What do the trucks weigh each and what type of weight are you towing ? What type of mpg are you getting empty and when you are using them on grass days? I dont see plow frames on them , how come ?
They are 16000 gvw and low 9000s empty

mpg will differ depending on which of the 3 gear ratios you choose I have the middle one the 4.10 and Iv seen on a long trip all the way to New Hampshire and back and average of 17.1 mpg. But empty I get 12-14 normally. Towing I start out around 11 but as the grass adds up and I am hauling 2000 pounds of that around on top of nearly 6000 pounds of trailer that drops to 9-10 mpg.

I currently do not plow but the 2012 was bought with that in mind and it has 4wd the plow prep package and the ambulance prep package. That's the truck on the right, the 2011 on the left is just rear wheel drive I didn't want to plow at the time I got her.
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