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Finally had time to go over the site more thoroughly.

First thing: You are using the BBB logo although when I checked you with them, you are not an Accredited member with them. This goes against their license terms (generally, they will just request you to remove it, however they have been known to sue if you ignore that request)

The ServiceMaster seal is outdated, (they changed names), and I would have it link directly to your review to make it easier for customers to check you out. has the new seal on it.

The colors at the top of the page just clash too much for my tastes, especially wit the very dark tone of the main image. This is my personal tastes though.

I would myself get rid of the counter and rely on other tracking methods. At the very least I would set the counter to not be visible.

Having the date/time show on the site, to be quite honest is not that useful.

The site doesn't validate (no real surprise since you are using GoDaddy's site builder)

Definitely take Tony's advice on the image sizes. I'm sitting here waiting for the Services page to load. At first I was thinking it was my connection dogging out, but just told GTmetrix to test it, and that is taking forever as well! See this graph of the page loading: As you can see, a 21k image took over 1 minute to load. This however is not a case of the image size, that is a case of GoDaddy's hosting which as I have seen on some other sites, at times can snag and slow down. (Proof of that is that the 1.1meg image loaded in way shorter time! But still there is no need to have to download a 1.1meg image

Along with the centering issue Tony mentioned, there are two misspellings on the About Us page (approximately and license). Also I'd break that up into proper paragraphs to make it more readable.

On the Testimonials page, you have a typo (recommend) which is part of the testimony.

The Contact Us page, I hit submit without filling in anything, and it just took me to the home page, no validation. I don't know if you just got a blank email from it (or however you get the info). I would suggest adding a "Comments/Questions" text box, so that you have an idea of what they are wanting when you get the e-mail.

For the equipment page, get the images more uniform in layout/sizes, giving padding between them. They look just thrown up there. The message about "pictures coming soon.." I would put at the top, as it end up looking like it is part of the eXmark logo.

That and the points mentioned by Tony would be the changes I would put in as soon as possible

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