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Originally Posted by sjessen View Post
Great review!! Very informative. Try adding weight to the back of the Scag. I think it will help on hills. Exmark/Toro have balanced their machines with more weight on the rear leading to wheelies but they are better on hills. Sounds like the Scag is balanced in the other direction. This is a total guess but adding 100# to the back should make a big difference. Down side is the machine now weighs another 100#.

Good luck with your new mower!

Your review confirms I made the right choice.
Not sure if the 61 has front weights or not but I took my front weight off of my 48 v ride and it made everything better. You can wheely out ditches and it'll take your 6 rating on hills to a 9 or better. If I had to buy a new mower right now I would buy the 61 v ride. Maybe I would try the wright zk also.
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