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Steve a Direct copy and past from your blog June 23rd 2010

Mistakes Some Homeowners Make:
They hire professionals who make the above mistakes.
They fail to recognize how a professionally designed lighting system beautifies their property, makes it safer, more secure, and enables them to enjoy their nighttime activities.
They underestimate the skill, experience, and artistry required to produce an exceptional lighting design. They spend way too much time in Home Depot browsing through the outdoor lighting section.
When evaluating bids for landscape lighting, they focus too much on price, and not enough on other values like training, experience, product quality and professionalism.
They are offended when the landscape lighting professional refuses to budge on price.
After they get bids on projects, they rush to the Internet to look for product prices to see if they are getting ripped off. They donít know that the best lighting brands (like CAST Lighting) canít be purchased through the Internet.
They try to do it themselves.

Funny how in 2 years you are saying Cast lighting is not a "best" lighting brand. (because you said 2 years earlier the best lighting brands cant be purchased via internet.
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