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Mixed feelings since going fulltime into lawncare a few years ago. It was a calculated decision that was planned a couple years in advance.

1. Flexibility in making my own schedule
2. Being able to turn down jobs that I simply don't want to do
3. winters off, except for a small amount of part-time work
4. Being able to spend more time with my kids

1. The money, very hard to replace my income at my previous job, then again I am not trying to mow the world.
2. Rain outs.
3. Having so much equipment taking up space in my garage
4. Droughts

There are many more pros and cons. When the kids get older I would entertain job offers in my previous industry if it was a good fit. The nice thing about mowing is just when I am getting burned out, the end of the season is closing in to save me.
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