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Originally Posted by lawnkingforever View Post
What a miserable day. Should of never loaded up the trailer. Only got a few done, so I will be playing catch up the rest of the week anyway.
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At least you had the option.

On Mon, my truck started making a bad noise in the front. I was already scheduled to have it inspected on Tues (as that's one of my "off/light" days), but after hearing the noise, I decided to only do the remaining jobs on the way back home and skip the few that were a ten mile drive - no sense risking it.

As luck would have it, a brake line blew about half a mile from home and I was able to get it (with trailer) backed into my drive (on a hill) without rolling into my neighbor's house.

The shop is half a mile away and I was able to drive it there Tues morning to have it looked at.
The noise: Front wheel bearing (the other one was replaced several months ago)
The brake line: Blew in rear. One section was replaced 2 years ago with recommendation to have others changed due to deterioration. Time went on and I forgot about it.
Due to location of the one blown, replacing it without damaging others may prove difficult. Since all are looking "iffy", and I don't want to lose my brakes again, I gave the OK to replace anything that "needs" replacing.

More brakes: Front calipers and hoses need replaced. Yay.
I expected brakes and rotors, as it eats rotors, but not this time around.

Add in the wheel bearing, oil change, inspection/emission and I'm looking at around $1,400 and it won't be ready until Thurs eve. (And they are pushing me ahead of others because they know I need my truck to make money)

Subtract for lost mowing wages for two days and this blows royally.
I considered renting a truck for a day (thurs), but I don't think it's worth the hassle and added cost for the truck/gas for the few lawns it will keep me on schedule with.

This is the longest I've been without my vehicle (out of commission for one day before this) and it sucks.
Prepare accordingly. If you don't have a plan for a situation like this, you may want to consider one.
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