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Originally Posted by olmod View Post
I have owned both types and after my experience with the weedeaters always falling off the rack with the trimmer traps I will never buy them again. If you don't lock them down they will fall of the first bump you hit.
It doesn't sound like you had a TrimmerTrap rack. TrimmerTraps are spring loaded so the only way this might happen is if the spring is gone and you hit a big enough bump to lift the retaining bar up. If the spring is in place then what you describe is impossible with a TrimmerTrap rack. The lifting handle also has a positive lock on it, which is also spring loaded, which would also have to be broken for a trimmer to fall out on a huge bump.

In other words, both springs would have to be broken, the locking knob pulled out and the rack to be turned upside down for a trimmer to fall out. It ain't happening. Can you post a picture of the rack that you had? Did it look like this one?


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