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Originally Posted by olmod View Post
I also am a extreme user. I have owned both types and after my experience with the weedeaters always falling off the rack with the trimmer traps I will never buy them again. If you don't lock them down they will fall of the first bump you hit. I know everyone will think who would forget to lock them down but it happens. Get in a hurry or just simply forget. I personally have never forgot buy my guys have numerous times and I know of atleast twice when they lost a trimmer off them.
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You aren't making any sense to me. I've had a trimmer trap for many years and have used it thousands of times on thousands of lawns and driven hundreds of thousands of miles and I have never had a trimmer even come close to falling out. It would be impossible for this to happen due to the design of the rack. Also I don't see how anyone could remove or replace a trimmer any faster. It truly only takes 2 seconds to do. My only complaint is that the rack it very hard on foam (echo) type grips. Rubber grips work great in them with no problems what so ever.
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