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Originally Posted by olmod View Post
With me looking at buying one of these machines is there one better than the other for climbing curbs? I have a lot of islands and areas where I need to be able to get up on them with the mower. I know my Deere stand ons didn't have the clearance to do it so I had to use a walkbehind. This is another concern of mine. And also are they any better on hills in the walk position? I do not have many hills I am concerned about except one and it is pretty steep. A 48" walkbehind mows it just find as long as it is dry. It is probably 400-500 feet long and around 50' wide with a couple areas of rip rap for run off you have to go around. I know I could push mow it but I only do it every three weeks because it is behind the building so no one sees it anyway. I really do not know why they even worry about it because at the top of this sloop is just an open field that gets bush hogged a couple times a year.
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When you have to change direction on a hill with the vride as you describe (going around the rip rap) you may find it will skid out of control as you nose down....going up hills it's fine, changing directions is where the problem lies.
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