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Originally Posted by BLC1 View Post
Do you see much from the sales and marketing aspect of it?
what do you mean?

in terms of marketing?

in terms of sales, it is perrty good.
but you do need to use the software.

for sales
you can add new calls as leads.
it also tracks who enters information into your website. there added as leads.
it can track leads by month and the conversition to new clients.
it also can tell you how many times some one calls you and when, and what they wanted.
it can also tell you what estimates where sent, accepted, denined, by date or client.

in terms of sales it is great.
the new update should also help with new alerts for time passing with leads,estimates.

in terms of marketing
there is not much there.
there is a website that they can build for you,
there is a email message you can send out.
that is it in terms of marketing
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