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I would much rather everything get fixed especially for the home owner but my problem is they want to do the cheap fix to get them through the winter so they can wash their hands of it. They keep wanting to just fix the wall with the same block and not use geogrid and get the proper drainage. It's a messy deal that could be fixed and everyone is happy but they keep pushing him off and playing the blame game. As far as my patio I'm comfortable with what we've done as far as being right and want to get it back to the original look but also don't want to come back next year and redo it again because corners were cut to save money. I don't think your being a jerk at all. I appreciate the comments. In your comment you said you would fix it before you went to court which is where I stand. If I felt I did a poor job I would be eating repairs because my reputation means everything to me but they don't look at it this way. Again I appreciate your comments.
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