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Finn makes a nice strawblower. You won't go wrong with it but most all the strawblowers out there are pretty good.

There are basically two types of strawblowers, at least in the smaller units that would be used for residential work. One style is based on bedding choppers that they use in freestyle barns for bedding. They have a tub that rotates where you put the bale and rows of sicle bar knives that rotate and chop the bales. Probably the most popular of these is Goosen. There is also a Canadian unit that is pretty popular. The chief advantage of this style of unit is price. They cost less than the other style. I would say a couple of thousand less. They do require more maintenance and are not quite as rugged. You do load the full bale which is nice but they are a bit slower then the other type.

The other style uses uses chains to cut the bales. Instead of loading full bales you cut the twine and feed wafers of the straw. It might sound slow but it's not. You can do about 2-3 bales a minute which is about 50% faster than the other style. The originator of this style was TGMI formerly of Ohio. Normally I would recommend this machine highly but Bob sold his company a little over a year ago and from what I have heard jacked prices way up to where I think it is overpriced. There are two other machines almost idential which is Kincaid and Turbo Turf. I would say 95 percent of the parts are likely interchangeable. Finns unit is a similar disign (As far as the small B-40 goes) but the layout is a bit different and the price a bit higher. There are some other small straw blowers that are also on the same principal. Bowie for one which is also a nice unit. If you don't hear back from Finn the Finn dealer is only about an hour away from you. It's Highway Equipment on Route 19 Just south of Zelienople and north of Cranberry on the right side of the road.
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