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In praise of Old Trucks

I have 2 old trucks that I use in business that have both been great buys. Especially as the years ad on.
The first one is a '94 Ford F-350. It has the idi 7.3 diesel with a 5 speed. I have worked this poor truck much harder than I should have and it keeps delivering the goods. Purchase price was below $5000 and yearly maintenance is around $500. It will never win a race but continues to make me money.
The second old truck I bought is a '79 Chevy C65 gasser. I was able to pay cash and love not having the monthly notes for it. It easily hauls 5 tons with the help of good gearing. Yearly repairs seem to average $500. I can park it for a couple months hop in and go. It has been a great truck.
The reason I am bringing this up is it seems many are concerned with the newest latest truck and crazy horsepower. I wanted to point out that plenty of money can be made with older trucks in good shape. Maybe the older trucks should be at least considered when expanding a business. I'm sure some others have similar stories and would like to hear them. Maybe pictures wouldn't hurt either.
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