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Originally Posted by ReddensLawnCare View Post
Centipede will be ok, but st. Augustine won't do to well. You may need to add some sand to the soil as well as other amendments
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I'm pretty sure I'm going to go w/ the Centipede this spring. I was wondering how to prep the soil. I read I should till some Humus into the ground before putting down centipede, but I also heard it likes sand. Is it better to mix in just sand or a combo of both? How much of each? I have the typical red clay and was thinking about just mixing in some "clay breaker" mulch. It's a fairly new home as well so there is very little organic matter in the soil currently and it gets pretty rock hard in the summer. I looked online and I'm not quite sure what to do, if anything, about the clay. Thanks in advance!
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