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Originally Posted by caseysmowing View Post
I remember you saying you didn't like your v ride in other threads. If you are less than 200lbs I would give it a try it's only two bolts. In my experience it is better than a wb on hills. I have little time on my 36sfw but it just slides down the hills I can hold with the v ride. I have heard that a 36 isn't good on hills I'm guess because of the weight and width. If I knew how to up load pictures I would show you some of the hills I do with it. Even though pictures are misleading you could get a idea. Alot depends on the grass too. I can text pics.
so you have a 36 v ride? does well on hills? i know our vantage doesn't, would like to have a stander that can handle hills, seems like wright is the best, or at least has BEEN the best...
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