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Originally Posted by Mowingman View Post
I see guys all around here pulling trailers full of mowing equipment with high dollar, decked out, 4x4 pickups. What a waste of money. Those 4x4 trucks will probably never be used in 4x4 mode, except for some playtime in the mud. All those fancy bells and whistles do nothing to make the truck do a better job, and those guys are paying $50,000 plus for them.
I just don't get it. Some kind of ego trip or macho thing I guess.
i some point, those "great ol' trucks" are going to wear out...also, image means a lot to me, so i'm not going to be rolling around town in a 1989 rusted out truck...and 4x4 is necessary for snow removal, and i hate to say it, but getting stuck behind the shop dumping debris ha...

you also have to consider the tax benefits of buying a brand new truck, it's not just an ego trip for some guys...

yes, most of the new higher horsepower and torque is prob not necessary for most of what we do, but there are times when it's nice to have...

i agree that the newer they get the more **** they have on them therefore the more expensive they are to repair and more to go wrong...

i have an '08 super duty "decked out." i absolutely love my truck and i feel great about driving it every single day
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