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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
I have kicked this around for several years now. What to use for the last fall (last) app. I use Milorganite on my own lawn and that works WONDERFUL but, cost is prohibitive to use for all of my customers.

Two trains of thought - use a fert high in slow release N in hopes that some of it carries over to spring


Use a mostly or all mineral fert and have the turf utilize everything it can before freeze up. Screw the carryover effect in essence.

My thinking is toward the latter. Anyone use 46-0-0 100% UFLEXX for their fall app? Results?

When you use Milorganite, are you basically applying this solely for the benefits of an early spring green up and absolutely no late fall green up? I'm under the impression that Milorganite is slower release and needs higher soil temps than what is found during a late fall "winterizer" application.
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