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Originally Posted by DEPENDABLE LANDSCAPING View Post
Good for you.
My youngest out of three is thirteen oldest is sixteen. Three girls!
Yeah i can braid hair with the best of them!!
The comment about kid noise was spot on. Nothing i like better is the sound of little feet and voices giggling at bed time. Although now that they are all teenagers it is more like fighting over clothes, hair stuff and bathroom time.
You will do great, be present.
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I meant to put in a disclaimer on the kid noise.. If they could control volume when I am talking to customers or trying to hear the weather forecast.. then all would be well.. Other than that, and get grumpy when they bang on the floors (I don't like that sound for some reason), I encourage them to be kids and express themselves. It's even more fun when they would let the dogs in. I had 3 girls too. Two are adults now and one is 9 but they all played together and the point is kids are great.

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