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When a 25 acre Fire Ant job came my way, I already had the Lesco Truckster on the Walker Mower with a boom sprayer. I call it the "Ric-A-Green". But the Ric-A-Green was too small for competitive work on 25 acres. This justified me building Ric's-Ride which is a 150 Gallon Boomless sprayer. I already had Ric's Ride but it was in unusable shape. Now I use Ric's-Ride on Medium to Large accounts where I used to drag hose.

So re-thinking the OP question. As a Start up in this economy, yes it might be better than nothing. And it might be a chance to grow big. Lawn King, Creech and myself were looking from an established Business point of view. We already have a busy schedule. If we add work it had better pay good.

BTW The 25 acre job is my one biggie, the other 99% are homes or small business. No one likes losing an account, But I won't miss a meal if I lose any one account.


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