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holy PITA

This lady has been quiet for a while and easy going. Tell her I'll br there today to get her stuff trimmed. She's been calling every night to remind me. Calls at 815 wondering where I am. Tell her getting diesel and I'll be on my way. Go to start truck and its dead. So I give her a call to tell her it will be a little later. She tells me I have personal problems, and demands I give her a time I'll be there. I simply couldn't because I don't know if its a simple fix or not. Then I tell her tis find someone else to do her work. She said send a worker or another company. I am solo in summer and fall, so there's no one to send. It's up to her find someone else. Then she said not everyone would give me a second chance. I tell her not everyone is as impatient as her. I was really getting pissed at her because she just keeps rambling on telling me that I'm not dependable and its one thing after another. I said I'm done with this shat and find some one else. She mumbled something about my wording. I don't remember what I said. So she asked again what time I would be there. I tell o don't know and I didn't plan on this. She tells me it gets dark at 7. I say its not an all day job. She says it takes forever. I tell her that I've done this many times. She says not here you haven't. I said I've done many jobs and cut the same, so I know how long it takes. Then she tells me how to proceed. I said yes you've made it clear at least 10 times already. And that was the end of the conversation. I think I need to type something up because this is terrible. I just couldn't get through to her, and she made me into someone I'm not.
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