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I'm starting to think you guys are right. Even my mechanic told me to go with older vehicles. When I started my business in 2006 I went out and bought a brand new Ford F250. The reason behind this purchase was I don't have a back up truck and I want something I know is going to work for me. So far this brand new reliable truck has had the following repairs:

*2 new exhaust manifolds
*new AC system because something blew up in the compressor
*brakes and rotors all the way around (thought my rotors should have lasted longer than 36K miles)
*New transmission lines because the old rotted out
*New Transmission dipstick tube because the old rusted out

My truck has 49K miles on it now so I don't do a lot of driving. I do all the regular maintenance in hopes of making it last. The salt in the Northeast here is wreaking havoc on the whole undercarriage. I need to find some down time to wire wheel the frame and POR 15 it. I have been keeping my eyes open for something a little older that I can fix up and add as a back up. I wish Toyota or Nissan had a truck that could handle the weight I need. Not sure how they would do pulling a trailer, with a dump insert in the bed with a load of grass. All my former Toyota's and Nissans lasted forever (however I never worked them).
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