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I hate how Bermuda looks (fine blades) and it won't grow in shade. I had considered Zoysia... In particular El Toro b/c it spreads quickly relative to other Zoysias, disease resistant, grows in shade, will grow in my area, drought tolerant, course blades, can be cut with rotor mower, etc, etc... However, I'm having a hard time locating someone local who carries El Toro sod, it's not available in seed so any "touch up" will have to be done with Sod, and most importantly the Bermuda "weeds" will infiltrate and take over the Zoysia.

A few guys down the street have centipede growing "wild" in their yards and it is actually crowding out the bermuda. I think that is one of the main reasons I was considering it or the St Augastine's in the first place...

Sounds like I might be better off just letting the weeds and wild grasses just doing their thing and call it a day...
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