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Originally Posted by JimQ View Post
You "old truck guys" ought to be telling these "new truck guys" how great it is that they're buying new. You should be thanking them as a matter of fact. Then, just sit back, wait a few years, and get yourself a nice used truck for a fraction of the price....

i do agree...buying brand new for no real reason is not something i would usually do...if a tax benefit justified it then sure...i bought my '08 for $35,000 in 2010...the guy bought it in late 2007 for $53, depreciated that much in 2-2.5 years...i think a truck right around 3 years old is perfect, most of the depreciation is gone by that point, then it's a slow steady decline from there...even this truck was a little too new really but it had everything i wanted, was in perfect condition, and i've only had one issue with starts every day and never gives me problems, which i can't say for my last truck, it was a '99 ram and had a problem every day...

we have a '97 heady duty f-250 that i love, prob my favorite work truck so that really is what you are talking about rust, very reliable, has a dump, very maneuverable....we also have a '98 that we got fixed up, new cab bc of rust and now it looks clean, very presentable...i wouldn't buy any older than those tho

i didn't mean to come off defensive, i agree with you...but i simply hate the companies that have terrible looking vehicles and compete against me, bc obviously they lowball me...and i know these aren't the vehicles u were talking about when u started this thread...i would buy that dump you have all day if i had a need for it, very clean looking
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