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judas priest guys! we have a regular soap opera going on here.<br>Hey dingo-one more to add to the pot.<br>I am a believer in the measuring wheel, esp. after the first big place I bid on. Had I guesstimated, I would have either lost my butt big time or got laughed at for such a high bid. <br>Also, it definitely tells the customer about professionalism, whether true or not, it makes you look more like a pro to boot.<br>I got a measuring wheel at an auction for $15, so don't think you have to pay top dollar; & yes it works fine. If you want to stay in lawn care & want to grow, then a meas. wheel is a MUST!. Besides, it's a write off. <br>An acre of ground measures out to be 43,560 sq.ft. You need to fig. your expenses & cost of doing business, then use that to find out how much you need to charge to mow an acre of grass. You can have a few fig.'s ; one price for an acre of bare flat ground, one price for trees & a house on it, one price for an acre with hills & lotsa trim work, etc. You get the idea.<br>Take those prices & divide each of them by 43,560 (sq.ft. in an acre). That is how much you will charge for a sq. ft. of whatever kind of lawn you're looking at (your 'sq.ft. charge').<br>Go out to your bid site & measure length by width & multiply together to get total sq. ft. for the property. Times this by your sq.ft. charge according to what kind of terrain it is. That should give you an idea of what to bid. <br>It's a lot less complicated than it sounds.<br>I charge between $35 & 60 for an acre, & that gives me a fig. of $.0008034 per sq.ft. to $.0013774 per sq.ft. to mow, trim, etc. the place.<br>So if I pull up to a place to bid, & I need $50 an acre to do it (all-mow/trim/etc.), I go & measure it. It turns out to be a 400 x 400 ft. plot. 400x400= 160,000 sq.ft. <br>I take 160,000 & div. by 43,560 & I get 3.67 acres. $50 x 3.67 acres = $183.50 to mow each time. Let the math do the work for you. If it's too high for them,see if you can mow only & charge less accordingly. If not, at least you know for sure you would have lost $$ on that account. Good luck.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
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